How to contact

 Foxmoor Farm

To contact Foxmoor Farm  for:

Cashmere Goats

Carol Spencer

Foxmoor Farm

1178 NE Victor Point Road

Silverton, OR  97381

[email protected]

Angora Rabbits

Carrie Spencer

Foxmoor Farm Angoras

P.O. Box 1055

Silverton, OR  97381

(503) 559-2103 (cell phone)

[email protected]

Farm visits are always welcome

 but be courteous and

please call or e-mail us

in advance of your visit.

For safety reasons and

The well-being of our goats,

please do not bring

 small children

or pets with you.

We close our farm

for breeding season

and winter weather

 on August 1.

We re-open in the Spring

for farm visits on March 1.

(German & English Angoras)

I sell colored breeding stock

 or for fiber production only.

I do not sell mismarks, pets

or house rabbits.

Our Farm Emphasis:

Our emphasis and specialty is the “red” color.  We love the red color and it was our choice to specialize. In both our goats and rabbits we do not keep any whites and very few blacks.  

Our goat herd is shades of red.

The body color and guard hair is red.  Our red Cashmere Goats produce either almond, yellow or apricot natural colored cashmere fiber.

The Angora rabbits are colored German and English. Carrie is working on a new project to develop a red fiber rabbit.  The rabbit web site will re-launch soon.

We hope to encourage new “red” breeders.  And hope that you will consider raising either red Cashmere goats or red fiber rabbits too.

red Cashmere Goats Breeding Stock & Fiber Wethers

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Foxmoor Farm

Located in Silverton, Oregon

(503) 873-5474