Cashmere Goats

Specializing in red Cashmere Goats.

Breeding Stock and Fiber Wethers For Sale

with natural colored cashmere fiber

for spinning and weaving.

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All goat breeds will grow a very short down fiber for winter protection but only Cashmere Goats grow a down fiber long enough to be used for spinning and weaving.  Cashmere Goats are double coated goats with harsher guard hair on the body and a softer down undercoat fiber known as “cashmere” grown for warmth.  Despite numerous website descriptions, Cashmere Goats are a specific breed of goat that produces a luxury fiber.  Developed in Australia, Cashmere Goats were imported 30+ years ago to the U.S.A.  They are recognized as one of three fiber goat breeds.  A trait found only in Cashmere Goats - The color of the cashmere fiber is not the same as the body color and guard hair.

Foxmoor Farm is a small goat farm located in Oregon, in the Willamette Valley and in the hills above Silverton.  We began raising Cashmere Goats in 1991. Our emphasis is to raise solid colored Cashmere Goats with good conformation and an even length and style of cashmere fiber. In 2003 we decided to specialize and concentrate on a single color and now we have a herd of red Cashmere Goats.  It took years of time and lots of work to achieve our goal.


All farm visits,

breeding stock and

fiber wether sales

must be completed

by August 1.

We close our farm

due to winter weather.

But we are available

by telephone or e-mail

if you have questions

about Cashmere goats

during the entire year.

Our advice is

free of charge.

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Farm visits are always welcome but be kind

and please call or e-mail us in advance.

We are open for farm visits from March 1 to August 1 only.

We close for the winter and re-open in the Spring.

Foxmoor Farm

Located in Silverton, Oregon

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